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          N-methyl-1,2-benzisothiazole-3-one 2527-66-4 MBIT20%

           •CAS NO.: 2527-66-4  

           •Appearance: white crystal

           •Formula: C8H7NOS   

           •Molecular Weight: 165.2123  

           •Assay: 20% ,clear or pale yellow  transparent liquid

          Functions of MBIT:

          1.Sustainability, no added formaldehyde, VOC and APEO substances.

          2.Excellent Chemical Stability and Thermal stability

          3.Widely used in PH 4-10 system and compatible with water-based systems

          4.Low dosage, high efficiency,stable and long-lasting

          5.More active than BIT and the combination of “BIT+MIT”

          6.Excellent corrosion resistance for bacterial, fungal and yeast


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