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          Sodium Pyrithione 3811-73-2

          Alias: Sodium-2-pyridinethiol-1-oxide

          General Description: Sodium Pyrithione is an aqueous solution of sodium 2-pyridinethiol–1–oxide.  It is registered by the U.S. EPA under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act and supported in Europe under the Biocidal Products Directive.
          Molecular formula:C5H4NOSNa

          Molecular weight:149.16    

          CAS NO.:3811-73-2

          Hazardous class : 9

          HS :2933399090

          SOLID UN NO: 3077. SOLUTION UN NO.: 3082

          Solubility: easily soluble in water and ethanol etc.

          Microelement: customerized supply

          Stability: 2 years, avoid light

          Storage: In cool place, avoid sunlight

          (1) Sodium Pyrithione (SPT)

          Industrial Grade (liquid)Spec.

          Appearance :Pale amber liquid and free of sediment

          Assay: ≥40%

          PH(5%solution): 8.5-10.5

          Refractive index :1.4770-1.4870

          (2) Pharmaceutical Grade (solid)

          sodium pyrithione (medical grade)

          Appearance: Almost white powder

          Assay(dry base) :98%min

          lost on drying:≤5%

          PH(5%solution):   8.0-9.0

          Packaging :

          (1) Industrial Grade (liquid):250kg net in each blue  square plastic drum or 25 kg net each plastic drum , 20MT /20’FCL.

          Packing:1.3MT net in each IBC  drum , 25MT max /20’FCL(21.6MT)

          (2) Pharmaceutical Grade (solid):25KG net each cardboard drum,IF with pallet,5MT /20’FCL;If without pallet, 8MT /20’FCL

          Payment : T/T in advance or L/C sight

          Lead time : 10 working days

          Validity: 15 days.

          Application of SPT

          metalworking fluids, architectural paints, aqueous emulsion systems; textiles, plastics, flooring, wallboard and various construction products such as adhesives, caulks, components of insulation, flooring, etc

          It is also an effective germicide  in fruit tree, peanut, vegetable and cereals. Due to its good performance of  efficiency ,eco-friendly, low poison and broad spectrum, SPT and the like products  have shown a great market potential  in a wide range of applications.

          AdvantagesSodium Pyrithione is a non-VOC, broad spectrum, highly effective antimicrobial agent. It is used to control mold, mildew, fungi, yeasts, algae, and both gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria.  Sodium Pyrithione also has excellent heat and pH stability.

          SafetyConcentrated Sodium Pyrithione may be harmful if ingested, inhaled, or in contact with the skin as absorption can occur; however, diluted at recommended use levels, it is considered non-toxi.

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