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          Tetraethyl orthosilicate 78-10-4

          Chinese Name: tetraethyl silicate

          Chinese alias: tetraethyl silicate; tetraethoxysilane; ethyl silicate; tetraethyl orthosilicate

          CAS No:78-10-4

          Eincs No.: 201-083-8

          Molecular formula: c8h20o4si

          Melting point: - 77

          Boiling point: 165.5oc at 760 mmHg

          Flash point: 46.7oc

          Density: 0.939g/cm2

          Water soluble: hydrolysls

          Appearance: colorless liquid, with a smell like alcohol

          Purpose: preparation of heat resistant paint. Precision manufacturing demoulding. It is used as insulating material and coating in electronic industry. Optical glass treatment agent. Coagulant. Organic synthesis.

          Safety instructions: 16-36 / 37 / 39

          Dangerous goods transport No.: UN 1292


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